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Exterior Cleaning Services

Our Specialized Cleaning Process uses a low-pressure, biodegradable solution, to ensure a thorough and safe cleaning process for the exterior of your home.

We use a “Biodegradable Solution” that is specially designed for the fungus or black stains on your roof. This solution will not harm your grass or shrubs.

We use No High Pressure! High pressure will loosen granules and shorten the life of your roof. We use a high water volume low pressure misty spray or soft wash to clean the shingles.

Once we clean your roof, we apply a “Toner Solution” to the roof. This has a two-fold purpose. First, it kills any of the remaining spores that may still be on the roof. Secondly, it helps pull the color out of your shingle and continues to self clean itself over the next several weeks.

The end result is a brand new looking roof!


Make your roof shine bright!


Rejuvenate your concrete and bring it back to life! Concrete should be cleaned every year or at least every other year. You will be amazed at how clean concrete beautifies a home or business. Dirt, Mold, Algae, Mildew and Fungus build up on concrete and need to be removed. In many cases, unclean concrete can become very slick when wet creating a safety hazard.


Make your vinyl shine! While it may not look like it at times, your vinyl needs to be cleaned every year. Pollen, Dirt, Dust, Mold and Algae attach to vinyl. With the extreme heat we have here in the South, not cleaning your vinyl on a regular basis, can cause the dirt and algae to “Bake” into the wood grain of the vinyl making it very difficult to clean.


Gutters follow the same criteria as vinyl above. However, have you ever seen the black lines that run up and down on your gutters? This is what they call “Static Electric” stains. It is caused from static in the air during a storm and the bleeding of the asphalt shingles. As the water is flowing in to the gutter, the static and asphalt bond and they stick to the gutter. A special solution and a soft brush is needed to clean these stains from your gutter.

Whatever your project, we can help! Whether it is a new construction clean up, wooden deck, pool deck, residential, or commercial. Contact Brite Roof and let us know how we can make your place brighter!